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Hi everyone again,

So I am just sending out a reminder . April 1st 2017 - 5th of Nissan will be here before you know it. Its the Sisterhood's Chocolate Seder . Come one come all. If you are interested in attending, just give the office a call and let me know.

The sisterhood would like all confirmations before March 24th. Services and a Kiddush Luncheon will be held and followed by a Chocolate Seder. Sounds like a good time.

Take Care,

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just a little note to inform you that the Yiddish Culture Club will meet on Wednesday,
March 22nd 2017 at 10 am .
See you then.

Book Club: We have selected "The Bridge Ladies" by Betsy Lerner for our next discussion. We will be meeting on Tuesday afternoon, March 28th, at 1:00, in the shul library. For your convenience, we have obtained a few copies of the book. They are available in
the office.

To all daytime book club members the books are in the temple office to be picked up.

Mah Jongg meets on Thursdays at 6:45 p.m.

Folk dancing meets on Wednesdays at 10:30am. Newcomers are always welcome to either group.

How to Get Here

2959 Grand Avenue
Baldwin, NY 11510

Orchestra of Exiles is the suspenseful chronicle of how one man helped save Europe's premier Jewish Musicians from obliteration by the Nazi's during World War II. In three years, Bronislaw Huberman transformed from a world renowned violinist to humanitarian racing against time.

Commentaries: Itzhak Perlman, Zubin Mehta, Pinchas Zukerman, Joshua Bell and others.
Orchestra of Exiles premiers at South Baldwin Jewish Center
April 30th 2017 7PM

Good Afternoon Friends:

Just a few reminders for the months of March,  April and May  at South
Baldwin Jewish Center.

Let me start with March 2017

Holocaust Memorial Museum : March 26th 2017 , Men's Club sponsoring a 
lite breakfast after services at the synagogue and then off to the

April 2017:
Chocolate Seder April 1st 2017 : Sponsored by the Sisterhood   Kiddish
Luncheon  after  Shabbat services to be followed with our Chocolate

For the week of April 3rd to April 7th, 2017. There will not be any
clubs meetings  taken place at the synagogue during the days due to
cleaning of the Chometz .

The Yiddish club will resume  on April 19, 2017 at scheduled  time-- A
Zisen Pesach

The Israeli Folk Dancing will  resume on April 26th 2017 at scheduled
time.  We will be having class next Wednesday March 29th 2017 .

Movie night will be April 30th 2017 at 7:00 pm . Movie showing will be
"Orchestra of Exiles", more to follow in our  center post :

May 2017:
Also a note from Shabbaton Commitee:  May 2017 :   Please don't forget
to donate to Lamed Vavnik so we may include you in our upcoming Center
Post .

Again, if you have any other news that needs to be shared, please call
me at the office . (516) 223 -8688


Mayne gutte fraynd,
The public meeting about refugees scheduled for this evening has been cancelled.(anulirt)
zulst nit oysglitchen oyf di ayze. (don't slip on the ice). A new date will be determined.

mir veln farzamlen di kumendike mitvukh 22 martz tzen far midtug.
(We'll meet this coming Wed. March 22 at ten AM)
A Yiddsh boykhreder..un truff far vemen vet er furshtelen.
(A Yiddish ventriloquist and guess for whom he would perform)



oy b du vilsgt lezn Yiddish alfbet  ze dus veltsvertl
(If you want to read a passage using the Yiddish alhabet see this proverb)

דער אמת'ער סימן פון קלוגשאַפט בּאַשטייט אין דעם, צו געפונען די וואונדערלעכע אינעם געוויינטלעכן

der emeser simen fun klugshaft bashteyt in dem, tsu gefunen di vunderlekhe unem geveyntlekhn

the proverb actually means
the true sign of wisdom is to find the wonders in the ordinary (miracles in the

And FYI I'm forwarding a message from the Yiddish Book Center.

Zay varem,  shtark, un gezunt,

Dear Robert,

Our weekend program The World of Yiddish Theater, April 21 to 23, is fast approaching. If you haven’t registered yet, I urge you to do it today, as spaces are filling quickly.

Debra Caplan, assistant professor of theater at Baruch College, CUNY, will be your guide in this entrée into the history of Yiddish theater and dramatic literature, from early works and Purim plays to the "Father of Yiddish Theater," Avrom Goldfaden; from Yiddish theater's arrival in America to its modernist turn in Europe between the two World Wars. The program will include lectures, workshops, meals, a film screening, discussions, and more.

Professor Caplan will give four lectures as part of the program:

  • "The Seat of Scoffers: Jewish Theater as Cultural Frontier”
  • "Big, Bold, & Musical: Avrom Goldfaden’s Visionary Yiddish Stage"
  • "A Golden Age in the Golden Land: Yiddish Theater in America"
  • "Nomadic Chutzpah: The Vilna Troupe, Yiddish Theater, and the Avant-Garde"

For the full weekend schedule, hotel information, and registration, visit

If you have further questions please be in touch with Education Program Coordinator Sylvia Peterson at 413-256-4900, ext. 143, or at

I hope you'll be able to join us.

Lesley Yalen
Education Program Manager

Click here for printable registration form


Candle and Torah Lighting Readings

Daylight Saving Time: In effect.Times have been adjusted accordingly  
Shabbat, Torah Reading:
Friday, March 24, 2017
Adar 26, 5777
Light Candles at:

6:53 PM

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Adar 27, 5777
Shabbat Ends:

7:53 PM

Shabbat, Torah Reading:

Friday, April 28, 2017
Iyar 2, 5777
Light Candles at:

7:30 PM

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Iyar 3, 5777
Shabbat Ends:

8:33 PM
Shabbat, Torah Reading: Vayikra
Friday, March 31, 2017
Nissan 4, 5777
Light Candles at:

7:00 PM

Saturday, April 1, 2017
Nissan 5, 5777
Shabbat Ends:

8:01 PM

Shabbat, Torah Reading: Acharei-Kedoshim

Friday, May 5, 2017
Iyar 9, 5777
Light Candles at:

7:37 PM

Saturday, May 6, 2017
Iyar 10, 5777
Shabbat Ends:

8:41 PM
Shabbat, Torah Reading: Tzav
Friday, April 7, 2017
Nissan 11, 5777
Light Candles at:

7:08 PM

Saturday, April 8, 2017
Nissan 12, 5777
Shabbat Ends:

8:08 PM

Shabbat, Torah Reading: Emor

Friday, May 12, 2017
Iyar 16, 5777
Light Candles at:
7:44 PM

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Iyar 17, 5777
Shabbat Ends:
8:49 PM


Monday, April 10, 2017
Eve of First day Passover
Nissan 14, 5777
Light Holiday Candles at:

7:11 PM

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Eve of Second day Passover
Nissan 15, 5777
Light Holiday Candles after:

8:12 PM

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Nissan 16, 5777
Holiday Ends:

8:13 PM

Shabbat, Torah Reading: Behar-Bechukotai

Friday, May 19, 2017
Iyar 23, 5777
Light Candles at:

7:51 PM

Saturday, May 20, 2017
Iyar 24, 5777
Shabbat Ends:

8:57 PM

Shabbat, Intermediate Days of Passover

Friday, April 14, 2017
Nissan 18, 5777
Light Shabbat Candles at:

7:15 PM

Saturday, April 15, 2017
Nissan 19, 5777
Shabbat Ends:

8:17 PM

Shabbat, Torah Reading: Bamidbar

Friday, May 26, 2017
Sivan 1, 5777
Light Candles at:

7:57 PM

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Sivan 2, 5777
Shabbat Ends:

9:04 PM


Sunday, April 16, 2017
Eve of Seventh day Passover
Nissan 20, 5777
Light Holiday Candles at:

7:17 PM

Monday, April 17, 2017
Eve of Eighth day Passover
Nissan 21, 5777
Light Holiday Candles after:

8:19 PM

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Nissan 22, 5777
Holiday Ends:

8:20 PM


Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Eve of First day Shavuot
Sivan 5, 5777
Light Holiday Candles at:

8:00 PM

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Eve of Second day Shavuot
Sivan 6, 5777
Light Holiday Candles after:

9:08 PM

Thursday, June 1, 2017
Sivan 7, 5777
Holiday Ends:

9:09 PM

Shabbat, Torah Reading: Shemini

Friday, April 21, 2017
Nissan 25, 5777
Light Candles at:

7:22 PM

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Nissan 26, 5777
Shabbat Ends:

8:25 PM


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This unique commandment, entrusted to the Jewish woman, is rich with meaning and purpose.
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