About Us


About Our Rabbi

Sam Waidenbaum

I have served in synagogues for many decades. My career has taken me from Connecticut to Louisiana to Florida and back to my home in New York. I have served as Rabbi, Cantor, Torah Reader, Bar/Bat Mitzvah teacher, Principal and as Chaplain in a nursing home. In my personal life, I am married to Susan, a retired elementary principal and dyslexia specialist. Together we parent six wonderful children,
and 8 beautiful grandchildren. We also share our home with Ms. Molly, a perfect 18 Yr. old Havanese. Life has been and continues to be rewarding to the Weidenbaums and we continue to take pride in serving the Jewish Community!
Evelyn estrine 2

About Our Co-Presidents

Evelyn Estrine

A lifelong resident of Baldwin and graduate of Brooklyn College and St John’s University. Along with her husband Arthur, of blessed memory, a CPA, they raised a family with a strong Jewish education. Now a proud and involved grandmother, she was an educator for 33 years, that grew tired of marking algebra, geometry and trigonometry tests. After retiring, Evelyn thought SBJC would be a good place for her energy. In that role she serves as Co-President, bookkeeper, chief cook and bottle washer, and is on the Bema every Shabbat helping run our services.
Jeff barkan

About Our Co-Presidents

Jeff Barkan

A graduate of Hofstra University with a degree in History, Economics and Education. Previously owned a full-service camera store for over 30 years and is currently a partner in a DJ company and a Photography Studio.

Has been a board member for many years and in that capacity has worn many hats at SBJC. Presently, Co-President for the last 3 years. His mission is to keep the building safe and in good condition, with minimal expense, and maintain membership levels.

Doing mitzvahs with joy and loving G‑d, who gave them to us, is a great form of Divine service. - Maimonides

Shofar, Sukkah, V’Lulav 8:15.